What are three things you should do when negotiating with your partner?


Most people don’t know much about negotiation. It is more than just being nice to the other person. there are 6 specific things you can do to have a successful negotiation. Below are three of those things that are necessary to have a positive negotiation

(1) Stay calm –  Remember when you lose your temper often, you lose your augment by not having your partner really hear and understand you.

(2) Be respectful –  When you are involved in a discussion where the subject is important to you, it’s easy to get carried away and raise your voice or say something nasty to the other person.  Respect is key for couples maintaining a positive connection to each other.

(3) Be agreeable (even if you don’t agree) – Being agreeable doesn’t mean being compliant; it means being pleasant–not super- sweet, just nice. Agree to disagree in an agreeable way. **

**The material in this blog is from a book I am working on called:

Negotiation Handbook for Couples From conflict to connection in the book I will talk about exactly how to do that

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Good luck and let me know how these guidelines work for you.

Dr. Marty



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