What to Do About Holiday Stress and Your Relationship   (Part II)

In this blog I’ll be sharing with you four more tips on the best way to have a really happy holiday

Tip #1

If you’re visiting friends or family anticipate topics that might trigger off World War III, so you can be on your toes to see “danger” coming and stop the problem before it occurs. Avoiding conflict before it starts is the best strategy of all.

Tip # 2

Think about pacing yourself.  Be careful not to schedule too many activities and exhaust yourself, and on the other hand think of enough things to do so you won’t get bored or restless.

Tip #3

Here’s a quick self test to rate you’re self about how well you’re behaving during the holiday season.  On a scale of one to five (1 is low and 5 is a high rating) evaluate your self about what your bringing to the relationship.

  1. I am communicating well with my partner
  2. I am flexible
  3. I can see the funny side of things
  4. I am being patient.

Tip #4

Do something special just the two of you. The holiday is a good time to catch up with each other.  Our lives are busy and full of demands; holidays are the perfect time to remember what brought you together.


Holidays can be a terrific time, but it takes some thought and some planning, but most things that are worthwhile take effort.


In the next few weeks between now and the holidays I’ll be sharing with you other tips to help you get the most from these special times.


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