What to Do About Holiday Stress and Your Relationship


During the holidays expectations are high and time to take care of everything is in short supply, in the next two blogs I be sharing with you tips about how to use holiday time constructively and avoid some of the pitfalls.


Tip # 1

The place to start is to talk to your partner about expectations.  The discussion might relate to a budget,

things you want to do, as well as things that need to be done.  (By the way, the perfect Christmas Gift might be my manual Negotiation Handbook for Couples: from conflict to connection). 


Tip #2

When you talk to your partner you might also think about possible issues that could come up such as dealing with friends or in-laws.


Tip #3

If you are visiting folks or family and want to set boundaries for the visit you might seriously consider the local Holiday Inn, having some distance might make all the difference in the world and give you a chance to connect with everyone without feeling overwhelmed.



Tip # 4

Develop a “special word or phrase with your partner when things or people are getting too much for you. We don’t want to be rude, but sometimes we just need a break.  For you and your partner to have this special code, is a great way to be there for each other.


In the next blog there will be four more tips to help make the holiday a happy one with the least stress possible.

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