What To Do When One Person Wants To Leave The Relationship

Here are 4 key things to be aware of when you are working at rescuing your relationship.

1.  Don’t panic.

The place to start is to keep calm.  The more reasonable and patient you are the better chance you have at getting your partner to listen to you.


2. Work at seeing the other person’s point of view.

Remember what will influence your partner the most if they feel accepted and understood. If you try too hard to present your side of the story, they are more likely to feel more distant from you.


3. Don’t always focus on trying to convince the other person to “give you another chance”.

You can best have your partner feel closer to you by how you act rather than

trying to convince them.


4. Give them space to breath.

Too often partners are worried about being left and they push too hard.

For example:   calling or texting constantly.   Be attentive don’t smother them.

What I have found over 35 years of helping couples’ stay together, in terms of saving a relationship, sooner is better than later.

Good luck,

Dr. Marty

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