What’s the Best Way to Reconnect with Your Partner

Every day when we go to work we leave our partner, assuming that we are living with them, and we live a whole other life.  We then come home after a day of being in a  different life space.   Because we have been in that “other world”, we are to some degree disconnected from our partner.  It seems odd, here is the person we have an intimate relationship with and yet we are disconnected from them and have to figure out how to reconnect.  To make this task more difficult, we are usually tired and may have another series of things that we have to complete, whether it’s dealing with the children, the dog, cleaning or paying our bills.  So the question is how do we re connect with our partner in a way that helps us to feel that we are close with them?  Should we leave them alone? Should we have a drink waiting for them? Should we tell them about our day or ask them about theirs?  Stop right here and think about what you do now.  How effective is it?  Are able are you to reconnect with your partner?

If you don’t do as effective job as you would like, here is the answer to how to effectively reconnect with them: “Ask them!” When you’re partner comes home or texts you, or even calls you on their cell phone as they coming home ask your partner what they would like.  It’s important on a regular basis that you check in with them, because different days will generate different responses.  Some day’s folks will want to be left alone, other days they may want some time to get things off of their chests, and some days they may even want to celebrate.

The rule is straight forward, whenever possible “check in” with your partner.  On the other side of the coin, figure out  how you would like your partner to reconnect  with you and then ask them specifically  if they can give you  what is important to you.

A strong relationship needs constant reconnection.  When both of you are able to communicate to one and  other, you are off to a great start about building the kind of connection that is loving caring and supportive.


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