Will I Ever be Able To Trust My Husband Again (a question from Annie)

A few days ago I got a comment on my blog from a woman who calls herself Annie.

Anne asks:

It has been over two years since my husband’s infidelity. I still get upset sometimes. I often wonder if I will ever get back to the trusting person I once was.

Here’s my answer:

Dear Annie,

That’s a very good question but to answer your concern I’ll need to know two things:

Do you know what caused him to be unfaithful in the first place? People do things for a reason and unless we know what that reason is and relate to that, it’s not likely that things will change.

The second question is: Have things changed in your relationship? Have the changes really addressed what caused him to stray?

I want to quickly add that he shouldn’t have been unfaithful and I understand that you’re having a hard time trusting him, but you can’t solve a problem unless you understand it first.

If you still have doubts, it’s clear that though time has passed, the above questions have not been totally answered, and it’s probably time to talk to a counselor, to help you sort out if your relationship is beginning to heal, or if you are not emotionally able to trust based on something that’s going on with you. 

The answer to whether or not the marriage is going well or your unable to trust, will determine the direction of counseling and that will help your relationship to  move forward.

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