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Tips from The Essential Guide To A Lasting Marriage/Relationship.


It’s been awhile since I’ve shared some “tips” with couples about maintaining a strong relationship. In my book, “The Essential Guide To A Lasting Marriage’, I give eight behaviors to be practice to have a strong relationship.  If you like you can rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 5 to see how many of these behaviors you rate well in (5) and what areas you might need to work on.


I will give you 9 tips in the next two blogs. I find that focusing on a few things at time is more helpful than trying to deal with too many behaviors.


Also I did not include the explanations that I have given for each behavior in the book and have added one more behavior as well.


Important behaviors to strengthen a relationship (1 – 4)


  1. I ask my spouse about their day

It is essential if a relationship is to be strong that partners know what is going on with each other and take an interest in things that are important to both of them.


2.  My partner asks me about my day                                                                                      

(See comment on #1 behavior)


3.  I spend 15 alone daily with my partner just talking about things in general

Even if you know about what is important and what is happening in your partner’s life, nothing takes the place of face to face contact, without interruption.

This may be difficult to do but, if it is not done on a regular basis, something valuable is lost in maintaining a strong connection


4.  I look forward to weekends so that I can spend time with my partner.

Too often we use weekends as catch-up time.  Our weeks are busy with work and doing what chores we can squeeze in.  Also, we want to use the weekend to give ourselves a break.  It is true that we all need some down time and life is a busy place, but being able, on a regular basis, to spend a few hours over a weekend with your partner is a way (between vacations) to get reacquainted with them and remember what it drew us to our partner in the first place.

 In my next blog, I will give you five more things that are important to do on a regular basis to maintain a strong relationship.

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