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Getting Past Challenges in Creating an Active / Erotic Sex Life   (Part three of a three Part Series)

In this blog I will offer some solutions to dealing with the problems identified in my last blog.

1. Problem: Sex can get boring

Solution: to have an interesting sex life, takes planning, very little worthwhile just happens. It is important to have the mindset that this is an area that you are going to spend some time thinking about and even discussing with your partner.  As with many issues communication is the key here.

 2. Problem: There isn’t enough time

Solution: To be spontaneous you have to plan.  Strangely enough in our world usually you can’t just wait until “you are in the mood” and then “just do it”.  Like anything else you have to allow time to be relaxed, to prepare, to set aside distraction.

3. Problem: We get to angry or resentful

Solution: Again communication is key here.  Couples have to talk to each other and share and work through areas in which they are upset.  If bad feelings are ignored like most things they will just get worse.  If people ignore their anger and resentment it builds and grows and has a real chance of doing major damage to a relationship.


If you would like to read more about how to have a good sex life you might want to read (ironically enough because this is where this serious of blogs began with “Fifty Shades of Grey” by the famous author John Gray’s “Mars and Venus in The Bedroom”.


If your relationship is heading for or in trouble you might want to read my Relationship Rescue Manual (click here for details)


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