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In this blog I will respond to question one the blog’s readers have asked me. I call this question “Figuring out What You Want in Your Relationship”.


Hi Dr Marty,
I & My husband married from last 3 years but all the time we were fighting with each other. We have lot of differences between us. Also I have lots of anger which he cannot tolerate. Also he want me to keep smiling in any situation which I feel doesn’t right. There are situations in life when u can’t be happy.
We both have given many chances to each other to change ourselves and keep our marriage. But now we have reached to the point where we don’t want to continue.
Please advise.

Hi Dipti,

Thanks for your email, your last line said: “you don’t want to continue”. Which leads me to ask what do you want?

For me to give you a good answer you will have to let me know what both of you do want to do.


The first step in this type of situation is not focusing on what you don’t want but figuring out what each of you do want.  You might start this process by figuring out what things specifically went wrong and if you could make them right what you have happen.  Once you’ve done that let me know what you did to fix the problem.  As I we get more information about the details we will be more able can figure out what next step can be.


If you send me the answers to the above questions to help you to take the next step and identify the issues.

I will send you a free copy of my first book  the “Relationship Rescue Manual”, to further help you with your next step. Please start by letting me know what exactly the issues are and what you’ve done to relate to them, so we can learn from those experiences and be able for you to move forward in a way that is best for you…


Good luck, looking forward to hearing from you.

Dr. Marty


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