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Below are 4 steps to getting the best response possible out of your partner.  These are not designed to deal with serious marital issues or deep seeded problems.  This article is to help you over the small “bumps in the road” that happen in all relationships.

 1. Realize that your partner’s  definition of love and caring may be different from yours. In the end he has the ability to be there for you but he needs help, here’s how to help him:

2. Start the process by focusing on his/ her positive side, and can be, attitude is very important. When you do the other steps it is important that is from a positive attitude.

3. Gently remind them. “Honey I really like it when, you get me a card “It’s O.K. to remind him. You may think: “If he loves me he would do it on his own.” For the most part men’s brains don’t work that way. If there is an emergency or crisis men are far more likely to respond. This comes from how men’s brains are organized and years of history of the care and feeding of the American male.

4. Let them know what you would like. “I really would like it you would bring me some flowers.” Make it clear and easy for him to do. The easier things are to do the more he is likely to it.

Gals if you have to remind him it does mean he doesn’t love you; he’s just being a guy. Remember that if he really doesn’t want to do something he won’t. How long has it taken for him to clean out the garage or get rid of that 10 year old suit.

If you have a serious problem and you’re not getting through to your partner, then you need some help from a professional. Please feel free to give me a call (732) 246-8484 and we can talk for a while and figure out what to do next.

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