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Married at First Sight.  – “A Social Experiment”  Part II (Why will this show be so popular?) 
by Dr. Marty Tashman (Marriage Counselor)


A marriage counselor’s prediction, and some reasons why:

I predict that there will not only be a lot of folks watching the program, but a long list of willing participants for “Married at First Sight”.

There are two reasons for the enthusiasm for the idea that we have the formula for finding the perfect mate:

1. The concept of the program combines our romantic fantasy of looking for a “soul mate” with “scientific research” and then gives us an answer that will guarantee us happiness for the rest of our married life.

2. The program satisfies our wish that there is a way to find the perfect mate without any effort.  Finding and dating can be such a pain, it is a wonderful thought to know there is a method to finding marital bliss without having to work at it.

Challenges to The Concept of Married At First Sight

1. The typical first stage of a romantic relationship is like having an addiction.  We obsess about our new relationship and we are “driven” to be with them.

2. We feel uneasy when we are not with our partner.

3. We constantly need reinforcement (like an addict needs their fix).

The hype, the exposure for the couple, the implications on their future life, in addition to the normal “addictive” response, is going to create an artificial euphoria, a high that will color the participants responses.

Personally, I love the idea that by a screening process, we could find the “perfect marriage partner” – even though I’d be doing a lot less marriage counseling!

So, is there a secret to finding the perfect mate, for a perfect marriage?

As a marriage counselor of many years, I know how to find the perfect mate and in my next and third blog on the subject, I will tell you “Dr. Marty’s secret” to finding the perfect mate.


What do you think? Is the idea of having a soul mate and a perfect marriage real, or a Hollywood creation?

In about 2 paragraphs, tell me your thoughts, and if you are one the first three people to answer I’ll give you a free 20 minute consultation.




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