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A Marriage Counselor’s Treatment of Andrew Weiner (Part III)

Three Practical Steps to Healing From the “Sexting”/ Infidelity.

The third area that the counseling, for the Weiner’s, would focus on would be the strength of the connection between the couple.  The blog will discuss three steps: step one, dealing with the addiction to the pornography;

step two, developing and maintaining a positive connection with each other; and the last step, maintenance  of a strong relationship on a day to day basis.


Step one

The place to begin with the “re-coupling” would be for the unfaithful partner (Mr. Weiner) to take a close look at himself and the relationship.  Mr. W has to sort out how much of his behavior is due to the addiction and how much is due some problem he has with the relationship.  It’s not that his problems with the relationship justify his addictive sexual behavior, it’s that there also may be issues between he and his wife that have to be identified so that counseling can address whatever those problems are as well as treatment of the addiction.


Step Two

In addition to dealing with the addiction, whatever problems exist the Weiner’s have to make sure that they are working on their positive connection with each other. To work on their emotional connection, they need to spend time together and have dates with each other. Because they are a high profile couple, time together may well be a problem for them. In fact, all couples have lots of demands and it’s easy to not have any time left for each other.  Couples will never have the time, they have to decide to make the time to be together, as they would make the time for other priorities in their lives.


Step Three

The Wiener’s need to be able to have on-going contact every day, so they can be part of each other’s lives.  The couple has to spend some time talking to each other to catch up on the day to day things that are happening to them

There are so many demands on all of us couples have to deliberately plan to relax in a healthy way together and to laugh and to enjoy life with each other if  they want to be truly connected to each other.


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