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A Marriage Counselor’s Treatment of Andrew Weiner  (part II)

 Three Practical Steps to Healing From the “Sexting” / Infidelity.

The place to begin as we were dealing with Anthony Weiner’s  wife’s  (Huma Abedin), feelings is  Mr. Weiner’s being able to show his regret by being transparent. Being truly regretful means the person has to go beyond words and behave in a way that  demonstrates regret.  By transparency,  I mean Huma (Andrew Weiner’s wife) would know where he was and would have access to all of his electronic devices. I’m not saying she would have to police him, but that she could check on his behavior whenever she was concerned or felt insecure.

After something like this has happened it is important to realize that trust must be earned over a period of time.

It’s easy to make promises when the behavior comes to light; it’s hanging in there over the long term that gets couples to rebuild their relationship.

The next issue that would have to be addressed would be, what I believe is Mr. Weiner’s addiction to “Sexting”.  My definition of being addicted is not being able to stop ourselves engaging in a behavior that will clearly have very negative repercussions. Not only did Mr. Weiner engage in “Sexting” but he continued to do so even thought it really hurt his relationship with his wife as well as  his political career (as he was forced to resign his seat from the House of Representatives) and in addition the “sexting” put his future career in sever jeopardy.   For Huma to want to continue their marriage, she must feel assured that the addictive behavior will not continue.

Once the addiction is being related to, Huma will be in a better frame of mind to seriously look at the third important element to healing, which is to develop a strong sense of connection with each other which will be discussed in the next blog.

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For more details you can read my two manuals about how to “Heal from the Trauma of Infidelity” (for the betrayed partner and for the unfaithful partner)


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