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A Quick Relationship Check Up  

 Today the day before the 4th of July I want to offer you a chance for a quick check up about your relationship courtesy of my book: The Essential Guide to a Lasting Marriage (Relationship)”. Below are seven qualities of a good relationship that I mention in my book.  Rate yourself on a scale of one to ten and see how good your relationship really is.

 1. I’m able to speak my mind.

Keep in mind this doesn’t mean saying anything you want in whatever way you want. Saying what’s on you mind is best done in a tactful way, not as an angry criticism.

  2. I feel supported.

Being supported doesn’t mean you always agree with your partner, it does mean that you go out of your way

to be concerned about them.

 3. We each make a contribution to our relationship.

Do you do your share of the “work” of the relationship?

(for example houses hold chores or keeping tabs on the financial matters)

  4. We are resilient. 

Is your partner there for you in a crisis?

5. We are flexible

Is your partner willing to change their mind or opinion on something that is important to you?

6. We are optimistic

Optimism is especially important when you are emotionally down. Of course we want to be realistic, but looking for the bright side of things is really helpful, during difficult times.

 7. There is balance between being to being together and being apart.

We all need both time to ourselves and time to enjoy being with our partner.  If we don’t have alone time we can feel smothered; if we don’t have together time we forget why we fell in love in the first place.

 See how well you and your partner rate on these seven issues and you’ll get a pretty clear idea of how good your relationship actually is.


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