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As I have worked with folks suffering from pain using hypnosis and energy psychology techniques

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I am always interested in approaches that will help people deal with pain and psychological recovery from accidents and illness.  We know that the brain and the body are intertwined and handling things well will speed up the healing process for illness and injury.  I recently came across a wonderful web site: https://www.superbetter.com/users/sign_in

This site is , can you believe it, a video game that is designed to help folks with their psychological recovery from illness and injuries.

Here is how they describe what they do:

“Super Better creates a private, online space where your closest friends and family become allies in your adventure toward health and wellness. The game is played in two parts: First, a set of 7 guided missions that create the foundation for your journey. Then, an open-ended, self-guided adventure that you play with your family and friends in the real world-not a virtual environment-in an effort to achieve your health goals.”

The site is based on scientific principles for healing  and video games.  We know that people are more likely to engage in change behavior when the tasks are convenient and interesting.  Also compliance to a healing regime is increased when there are social supports.  This site / game combine those factors.  The activity is as close as your computer.  I heard a first person account of it’s effectiveness on an NPR radio program (On the Media) of the effectiveness of the program.  As a therapist who is involved in both therapy and healing this concept is nothing short of genius.

I am delighted to pass this creation on to my readers and would encourage you to pass this on to anyone you know who is struggling with recovery from medical problems.  You might even keep it in your personal file, let’s hope nothing ever happens to us, but it never hurts to be prepared

I would be very interested in your response to “Super Better”

Technology is both very dangerous and an magical key to an incredible future dependant on how it is used.  “Super Better” is an example of the magical key.

Curious as to how this started? In my next blog I will tell you the back story as how this site was born.

Take care,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Dr. Marty

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