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Arnold SchwarzeneggerWhat was he thinking?

Why do smart people do dumb things?  Part II


What can we learn from these “smart people”?

Reason # 1

  1. These people have an unrealistic view of themselves.

They believe they will be the exception because

they have had exceptional accomplishments.


To find answers to this issue we need feedback from people we trust, who care about us and who will also tell us if we are missing something or if we are just plain wrong.


2. Some of these people have a need to fail. They don’t think they deserve to have good things happen to them, so they will continue to do risky things until they are caught

In order to find answers to this issue,  have a clear sense of what your goals are and then objectively evaluate if your actions are moving you closer or further away from them.

3.  Their ego’s are so big or so damaged that once

they make a mistake they can’t admit they are wrong.

Emotionally smart people realize that to take ownership of a mistake and do it quickly is a smart thing to do.   Usually the quicker you own up to your own mistakes the easier it is to rectify them.

Realize that all of us are sometimes wrong and even do stupid things at times, so be on the

lookout for those times and when you find them, be willing to change without beating yourself up.

Dr. Marty




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