Our show was broadcast from April 18, 2017 through February 27, 2018, on Oldies 1079 WOLD

Dr. Marty covers subjects such as infidelity, addictions, love languages, communication, anger, divorce, relationship killers, trust, jealousy, and much more!

Show highlights:

2:30 On this show, we pick up on a phone call from the end of our last program.

3:40 Dr. Marty introduces “The Story of The Disappointed Wife”. Our caller discusses with Dr. Marty how she feels emotionally abandoned in her marriage.

6:10 We talk about how letting go of the past is easier said than done. Dr. Marty will address one way to address past issues and feelings during the call, as well as what makes a good apology, how to approach your partner about these matters, and two different ways to effectively address these problems.

9:10 Dr. Marty gets into details on what really makes for a good apology.

11:00 Dr. Marty talks extensively with the caller on how to see the bigger picture in this situation, and how to understand her husband’s confusing, seemingly unfair, behavior.

17:40 We talk about how it is possible to plan our approach for what we want to communicate.

23:00 Dr. Marty talks about how there are two ways to handle this situation. One way is figuring out how to get your message across to your partner. The other way is figuring out what you can do if your partner isn’t willing or able to do what you want.

26:30 Summarizing one of the big lessons: to learn how to not be upset with ourselves. What can we do when our partner isn’t there for us? Learning how to be self-nurturing is vital.

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