Our show was broadcast from April 18, 2017 through February 27, 2018, on Oldies 1079 WOLD

Dr. Marty covers subjects such as infidelity, addictions, love languages, communication, anger, divorce, relationship killers, trust, jealousy, and much more!

Show highlights:

Show highlights:

2:30 This show will talk a little bit about dealing with the stress of holidays. Plus a quick review of last week, and then more on forgiveness and trust.

2:50 Reviewing two techniques on how to deal with anger.

3:35 We talk about one of the most important feelings involved in a relationship: trust.

5:40 Last time, we left off talking about forgiveness. The two ingredients of healing in a relationship, when you’ve been deeply hurt, are trust and forgiveness. We now focus on forgiveness, for both the person asking for forgiveness and the forgiver.

6:06 First, a holiday tip! Built into the holiday is a whole bunch of stressors. What are they, and how can we deal with them?

7:21 Dr. Marty talks specifically about the financial burden stressor.

10:16 We get into our main subject: forgiveness. Dr. Marty spends extensive time talking about what this means, and how it works.

14:33 Dr. Marty talks in great detail about why it can be so hard to forgive.

23:42 We talk about forgiveness from two perspectives. From the POV of the person who has done something wrong – the guilty person. And from the POV of the person who has been wronged – the hurt person.

27:10 We take a call from Kathy. She is struggling to find closure in a relationship, where her partner was more interested in using her for “show” with his family, than anything else. She wants to end the relationship completely, but he still wants to be friends.

33:20 Dr. Marty talks with Kathy about how closure is a process, and how continuing contact will make the closure process harder. Dr. Marty gives Kathy some suggestions on what to do on how to move forward with the closure process.

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