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Beyond Revenge (Part one of a five part series)

This weeks’ blogs are inspired by the book “Beyond Revenge” by Michael McCullough.  This book goes deeply into: the human behaviors of revenge and forgiveness; whether or not you should forgive; what behavior generates forgiveness; as well as, implications of revenge and forgiveness on an international level

 This first blog is designed to get you to think about the impact revenge has on your life.

 As a couple’s / marriage counselor I am particularly interested in the subject of forgiveness, because most couples come to counseling angry at one another and forgiveness is an essential part of healing and rebuilding a relationship.  


Let’s start off with a few questions designed to help you think about the idea of revenge.

Circle the number that applies to you.

  1. Revenge has or is playing a major role in my life


Very little                                                  Major role

1.  Revenge is a natural reaction – true/false

 Answer: True – According to Michael McCullough revenge is an instinct both in humans and in animals.


2.   Forgiveness is a natural reaction true / false

Answer: True – again it is both animals and humans naturally forgive to survive and flourish


3.  Natural reactions can be changed – true / false.

Answer: True

McCullough in the second part of his book talks about how we can create an environment where forgiveness can overcome the urge for revenge.

 Answering these questions are a good place to start your thinking about the part revenge plays in your life and will be discussed in this series of blogs.

 In my next blog I’ll share some of my thoughts about forgiveness and revenge.

 Bonus for the readers of my blog

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