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Can Our Marriage Be Saved?


When I get a call from someone about marriage counseling or couples therapy they often ask:

Will you tell us if you don’t think our relationship can be saved?”  My answer to them is:” It depends on how important it is to you to keep your relationship”.  After having seen literally thousands of couples and having studied marriage counseling from many perspectives, I know that having a loving and satisfying relationship can be learned. We can do a so many things if we are motivated.


Each time I meet with a couple I can show them how to approach their partner, I can also help them to realize what not to do and how to deal with their and their partner’s anger, but it takes work.  It takes thinking before speaking, it takes being open minded, it takes making time to be with the other person.  People don’t automatically have good relationships, they have to be both be flexible and be able to set appropriate boundaries. People in a good relationship have to realize that each person is right from their perspective.


Relationships are not only saved they can be rebuilt and be better than ever but it takes knowing the right thing to do and then doing it.


For specifics on what is involved in doing the right thing

I have written my Relationship Rescue Manual, which details exactly what folks need to do save their relationship.

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