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Code to Joy: George Pratt, Ph.D. & Peter Lambrou

(Part five of a five  part series)


The fourth step and last step is called “Anchoring”.  This step has a number of procedures that make sure the positive change in beliefs are maintained and are not just temporary fixes.  When we talk about either infidelity, or even toxic anger, in a relationship, we need to learn how to effectively handle times when we find our selves slipping back into old patterns.


When we are out of balance the authors  gives ways of creating positive images to combat the negative ones that may emerge after things after gotten better.


Each of the above four steps (i.e. recognizing self limiting beliefs, Clearing, Re patterning, & Anchoring) comes with their own set of specific instructions.


Through reviews that I have about read about this approach are very positive it is important to remember that this is but one approach, but it certainly can be a very effective method for many folks.


Please let me know what you think of this approach or if you have any questions


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