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Code to Joy: George Pratt, Ph.D. & Peter Lambrou, Ph.D.

(Part 4 of 5 part series)


In this installment of my blogging about the “Code of Joy”, I will talk about step three, “Re-patterning”


The third step Pratt & Lambrou call “Re patterning”.  uses imaging techniques to envision positive scenarios which encourage self acceptance.   By using this approach the psychologists believe that you are more able to reach your unconscious, which they describe (and is a theory held by many professionals in the field) as a way to get directly to a person’s subconscious, which promotes a deeper level of healing.


The images that people are encouraged to create go beyond the logical conscious mind and therefore impact on a much deeper level than just talking about changes people would like to see in themselves.  By imaging folks can  experience some of the changes they would like to accomplish.


In the case of infidelity, we need to find what went wrong and work on creating movies in our heads about what a warm loving relationship would look and feel like, so we can develop a better blueprint to build a relationship than is strong and that will survive the problems that arise in a relationship.


The next blog will describe the fourth and last step “Anchoring” in the process we have been discussing.


I would really like if my readers would send me their vision of what they think would be an ideal relationship.


If it’s O.K. with them I will be glad to post it and share different views of a good relationship.


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