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Code to Joy:

by George Pratt, Ph.D. & Peter Lambrou, Ph.D.

  (Part 3 of a five part series)

 The second step is what the author’s call “Clearing”.  Pratt and Lambrou give exercises that people can do that can get them to feel centered and as a result they can clear their mind and not have strong negative feelings about the beliefs and stories that they have identified from step one.  The point of these exercises is that our mind and our bodies are connected, as we find physical ways to relive tension our bodies relax, our mind becomes calm and we emotionally center and clear are more available for change.


When one has suffered from infidelity they have been put off balance.  Being able to find their own personal balance from hurt, anger, depression and feeling overwhelmed is an essential part of healing from infidelity.


To help people “clear” themselves, the authors outline specific breathing and grounding (centering) exercises.


In terms of relationship and infidelity,  clearing helps because, unless we are balanced, we will be in an agitated emotional state and unable to tolerate what our partner has done and what it takes to rebuild a relationship.


In this next blog of the series on “The Code to Joy”, I will describe the third step they call: “Re patterning” to  help cure emotional problems.



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