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Dr. Marty Talks About Successful Treatment Of Addiction

Learn how motivation, insight and changing habits makes all the difference:

1. Motivation.

  • Is the person who is addicted really committed to change?
  • With strong enough motivation, change really is possible.

2. Insight.

  • Why is the addict doing something so destructive to themselves, and their relationships?
  • Exactly why is alcohol, drugs, sex or gambling being used to cope with the issues of daily life?
  • What kinds of help can a professional give the addict to deal with these life issues in better ways?

3. Changing habits.

  • The therapist will work with the addict to figure out ways to change the negative habits of addiction.
  • The addict can learn, from a professional, better ways to deal with life issues.

Every person and situation is different. These three factors are just the basics that are involved in recovery. Successful treatment for addiction can take anywhere from six months, to two years – with more meetings in the beginning, and fewer as treatment progresses. The length of treatment always depends on the individual situation.

Addiction is successfully treated when the addict’s motivation is strong, when they understand why they are addicted, and when they have dealt with the bad habits of addiction they have developed.

Dealing with an addiction is not easy. But you can learn to take control of your life.

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