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Dr. Marty’s 4 Quick Tips on Negotiation. (Part I of two part series)


There are always going to be times where people, whether in a personal or a work relationship will disagree with each other.  In this blog I will give you two easy tips that I share with couples that I am counseling and in my next blog I will share two more tips.


First, if you are upset with the other person take a deep breath and let it out slowly (sometimes you may even want to take two or three deep breaths).  This simple thing gives your body a chance to slow down both physically and emotionally.


Second, consciously slow down the pace of the conversation.  When we get angry or upset with an other person we tend to engage in a fire fight, where each person quickly responds to the other and a discussion quickly turns into an argument.


It is important to remember that the goal is not to win an argument or a negotiation but when everything is said and done the goal is for the relationship to be a strong one without hard feelings.


In my next blog,  I will share with you how to be in the right frame of mind to be able to influence the other person.


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