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Dr. Marty’s Rules for Crisis Communication from a psychological point of view.

 In my second blog I’ve talked about how our first inclination is to “’paper over’ what has happened, to ignore, deny, or to re- write history.  In this blog I will talk about 5 of my rules for effective crisis communication.

Five of  Dr Marty’s rules for effective crisis communication

Rule #1 – Deal with any panic you fear from the consequence of coming clean.  Have a conversation with your self about what will happen if you are discovered versus what will happen if you are honest.

Rule #2 – Talk about your regret about what you’ve done. Go into detail about why you feel badly.


Rule #3 – Offer ways that in the future of how specifically you will prove to your partner that you will prove to your partner that things are different


Rule 4 – Accept your partner’s anger and hurt  and lastly,


Rule 5 – Explain why you did what you did don’t try and justify it.


Dealing with crisis situations in a relationship is very delicate and tricky communication task, if you would like to learn in more detail how to improve your communication and also how to deal with the anger factor when one partner has behaved badly you might want to take a look at my “Relationship Rescue Manual”, which will give guidelines about improving communication and dealing with anger in a relationship.



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