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Fifty Shades of Grey – Not Enough Time To be Erotic    (Part one of a three part series)

 Fifty Shades of Grey by EL James relates to erotic sexual love. She has been all the rage lately. From my understanding a lot of the readers are middle aged, middle class folks a large proportion of whom are woman.  What’s up with that? As a Marriage / Relationship counselor, I am intrigued by this ground swell of interest.

 The Christian Science Monitor has said “this originally self-published romance which now stands at the top of The New York Times bestseller list, is taking over the discussion at book clubs.”

 Is this popularity saying we are not getting enough erotic adventure (either sex or love) in our lives; No one can know for sure.  I know seeing over 25 couples a week that physical intimacy is often an area of disappointment in a relationship.  We all know that sex / love making means different things to men and woman, but one thing both genders have in common, is that special physical union is an important ingredient to relationships. 

 I’m saying that “50 Shades of Grey” has brought our attention to something crucial, that is, that there is a longing for more physical intimacy in relationships.  This is a difficult and important question that plagues many people. In my practice, which specializes in helping relationships to succeed, I see a large number of couples that I work with. 

 In my next blog tomorrow, I will share with you some material that I have developed in my book “The Essential Guide to A Lasting Marriage” and talk about “Getting Past Challenges in Creating an Active Sex life”   

Read my next blog and learn about:Getting Past Challenges in Creating an Active Sex life” (Identifying  three major stumbling blocks)


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