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Finding (creating) our Real Love in our Relationships – Part III


As the last two blogs have talked about why problems happen in relationships, this blog will address a brief look at solutions at creating strong relationships.


For love to thrive, we have to (below are just a few things – there are many more – but I’m giving folks a place to start (you can find a more complete list in my Relationship Rescue Manual):

* Spend time and enjoy being with our partner;

* Take an interest in things our partner is interested in;

* Show our partners we care about their emotional and physical well being.

* Experience our partner as trustworthy


In addition, our partner has to believe  that we can count on them during difficult times.


We think love is about a certain feeling, what is actually the case is love is about being active in your partner’s life in the above mentioned ways.  Love feelings flows from behavior, first we experience our partner’s loving actions and then we feel loved and as a result we find ourselves naturally loving our partner.


It is important to note to the reader that it is also crucial, to evaluate your behavior to make sure you are behaving in a loving way as well.


Bottom line Love is what you do  and then it is what you feel

What do you think? Do you agree? I’m very interested in knowing your opinion.

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