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In my FaceBook entry I mentioned that “The Australian government will be offering $200 voucher for couples to go for marriage counseling. “ If you wanted more information about that you can go to:



I asked what folks what they thought about that.


The Catholic Church has a  “Pre-Cana” requirement for couples that want to get married in the church;  other religions have similar requirements as well.


With the divorce rate being what it is, it would make some sense to have help with our marriages. That help would both give us new information and reminds us of things we already know.


Pilots have a check list of things they need to review before they can take off, wouldn’t it be an interesting idea if there was a marriage check list as well.  I would think that to have the best chance of reaching our destination a “check list” would be a valuable tool.


What would be on your “check list”?  In a latter blog I’ll let you know what would be on mine. 🙂

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