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Having a Successful Relationship with a Difficult Person.

In this section I will explore why folks who have difficult partners have anger, frustration, sadness and disappointment as a result of interaction with that partner.


Understanding what’s behind the feelings of the partner of the difficult person.

The first question to ask ourselves if we want to be effective in dealing with a difficult partner is: “What are we feeling and why are we having those feelings.” Below are some insights that address that question.

If we are angry that probably means that we are feeling we aren’t able to influence our partner at all or we are powerless in the relationship; frustration is similar but is less intense.

If we are sad in terms of the connection with our partner we may also feel powerless, or worthless or not cared about.

If we are disappointed in our partner that may mean that in some important way they have let us down.

In the next section I will discuss what makes the difficult partner respond they way they do.

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