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How Long Should I Wait for My Partner to Turn Around?

I wanted to share with my readers a question that I got from one of the folks who read the blog, about her relationship.  My hunch is that a number of you have a similar issue.

Hope this helps                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Dr. Marty


Dr. Marty,
I have been with my partner for 8 years. In January he told me had too many resentment for the way I had treated him and wanted to leave. I begged him to stay and that I would change. Its now 7 months later and I have made significant changes. He told me he thinks it’s too late to forgive me; he doesn’t want to re open his heart to me. He said hes just too angry to be with me right now and has moved out. We are now separated and we barely at all. I want him to come home to me, should I just give him his space? Ask him to stay moved out, but attend counseling? Thanks.


Hi Ashley,

You are asking an excellent question, it is one that a lot of folks ask me. To give you the best answer,

I have a number of questions for you.

How have you changed? What has been his response to your efforts? How long are you willing to wait for him to come around? What will tell you that you are beginning to loose patience?


In the end, you have to decide how long you are emotionally able to wait.  If you answer the questions I’ve asked above, I’ll be able to give you more of an answer.


Perhaps with time, he may change his mind maybe he won’t, it’s important for you to become aware of your limits and then to respond accordingly.

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