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How to Become a Low Stress Partner. (Part III)

In this blog I will give another strategy you can use to reduce the stress in your relationship.

Be slow to pull the trigger and slower to blame.

When something happens that is upsetting (and it will) actually take a deep breath.  As soon as you possibly can, step back and calm yourself down.  I’m not saying let things go, but before you react come from calm rather than an agitated place.  The calmer you are the more likely you are to figure out a way to handle whatever the issue or problem is. 

Anger only generates more anger or withdrawal from a partner.  If you are upset about something that you did or did not do the more you blame yourself the less likely you are to deal effectively with what ever has happened. 

Speaking of blame, let’s say your partner made a mistake or did something you didn’t like, do you respond by exploding and accusing? You can greatly reduce the stress in your relationship if you try and understand why your partner did something that upset you and then approach them by talking rather than scolding. Let your partner know what you are upset about, without putting them down. 

Having a positive attitude can go a long way toward having a relationship with less stress and drama.


I’ll give you one more “tip” in my next blog about lowering the stress in your relationship.

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