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How to Become a Low Stress Partner. (Part IV)

A valuable way to become a low stress partner is to focus on the positive. Spend time each day thinking about what you appreciate, love, and / or like about your partner.

We get so caught up in the day to day tasks that we are more about accomplishing things than we are about the positive side of our relationship.

Look for things to tell your partner that you like.  When they do something for you, even if it is not unusual don’t take them for granted.  When they do something for you tell them and do four things:

1.     Be specific about what you like. An example of that is:

“Thanks for picking up the dry cleaning.”

2.   Recognize what it took for them to the task, for example:

“I know you were busy and were running late but you took the time anyway.”

3.   Really mean what you say, just don’t say it because you’re suppose to. Think about why you partner did something for you and that their motive was just because they care about you.

4.   Say “thank you”.

Here are the major things that I have mentioned in this blog series that will help you to lower the stress in your relationship.


1. Look for things that your partner is doing right.


2. Focus on finding a solution rather than being angry

    when something goes wrong. 


3. Be slow to pull the trigger and slower to blame.


4. Focus on the reasons you care about your partner.

The lower the stress in your relationship the more being with your partner will be a place you want to be.

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