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How to Earn A Happy Life.

In keeping with the theme of how to earn things that are important to you such as the last blog “How to Earn Love”, below are five things  you may already know, but may not have thought about for a while that will help you to earn a happy life.  Think about each idea and see what applies to you.


1. When there is a choice pick the “high road”.

Whenever possible do the right thing, some how things work out better when even though it can be very difficult choosing the right thing, may be painful in the short term, but it usually pays off as time goes by.



2. Even if you don’t feel like doing it and you know it should be done, push yourself and do it anyway and then give yourself a reward.


3. Think before you act. It’s great to be spontaneous but if you don’t think of the consequences, negative actions can be very expensive emotionally and there is a lot of time used to fix what would have been a lot easier in the first place.


4. Regulate your emotions.   If you are too intense you may well turn your partner off and then they will withdraw and you won’t be able to be heard (understood).

If you withhold your feelings people won’t be able to understand you and you also run the risk of boiling over and exploding and that certainly will have a negative impact on your relationship.


5. Have an accurate view of what you can control.  If you don’t take responsibility for your actions and for changing your situation, you run the strong risk of being very unhappy. If you don’t take hold of your world it will roll over you.  On the other hand, you can’t control everything. Sometimes letting go, will go a long way toward not making yourself unhappy.

There are no “free lunches” in day to day life to get what you want you have to earn it.



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