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Why do people feel disrespected in a relationship?

My blog today is my answer to a question I posted on my Facebook page

A husband wrote to me ” My wife constantly disrespects me she doesn’t care about my feelings and is always finding a way to put me down what should I do?”.  signed “Upset Husband

There are two possible reasons that disrespect occurs:

  1. The other person is just responding and to them they are not being disrespectful.


2.   The other person feels you have disrespected them and is angry at you.


To figure out what is going on it will be important to get down to specifics, such as:

  1. What specifically was disrespectful.
  2. When did the disrespect begin?
  3. How strong is our relationship
  4. How do we learn to communicate more effectively with each other?

Sometimes couples can do this on their own, but if there has been a negative history it may make sense to have a trained counselor sort things out.

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