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How to Have a Good Fight ((Part 5 of a  5 part series)

How intensity can make all the difference in having a  “good argument”

The last element of that I’ll mention in this series on what has to happen to have a “good fight” is try and not let the intensity get out of hand.  Too often the issue that started the fight takes a back seat to the negative intensity of fighting.

When couples come to my office for relationship / marriage counseling it is not unusual for either or both people to not remember either the details of the argument or even the entire argument, but they remember the feelings of frustration, hurt or anger they had.

When people argue often times the subject matter gets lost and it’s more of a matter of wanting to right or not admitting that they are wrong.

It’s not only how make love that determines the strength of a relationship, it’s how you don’t go to war. 


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