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How to Make Ourselves Happy

If I were to say to you that  you that we all talk to ourselves what would you say? To take that a step, further actually we tell ourselves stories.  Based on, the scripts in our stories is how we make ourselves feel.

In the next two blogs I’ll be talking about the scripts that we use to make ourselves happy and unhappy. I’ll begin the first blog in the series with talking about how we make ourselves feel unhappy. I I am giving examples so that folks can become more aware of the things that they say to themselves and be on the lookout for those destructive sentences in their heads.

Stories that you tell yourself that will make you unhappy

  1. If your story makes you the victim of a situation then you are certain to make yourself feel tremendously unhappy.

2. If your story makes you believe that you were entitled something just because it’s you that is also a way to make yourself feel sad frustrated and even angry.

3. If your story tends to catastrophe things or to be extremely dramatic that’s also a sure way to upset yourself in that story will also cause you to be as upset as well.

In the next installment of this two part series I’ll give you the 4 story themes that will help you be not only happy but help you to get through the rough spots when they happen.


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