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How to Succeed and Speed Up Success in Marriage (Couples) Therapy – Part I – What stops us from being successful in couples counseling.


We have become accustomed to quick answers and have short attention spans. We live in a “Microwave Society”; often times many of us expect that we can cook a meal in five minutes rather than an hour or two. We look for information on the internet and we read for maybe a minute or two and then we click to the next page.  Sometimes, I fall into this group as well.  It’s hard for me to focus on reading material for periods of time, I also want answers quickly; I need to constantly remind myself and practice being patient and consistent.


I am considering putting together a program for helping relationships / marriages so they can be downloaded or gotten from CD’s; or I might develop a comprehensive book on saving relationships.  This material would be based on the successes I have had with couples over the past 30 years. This material could be used on its own, or has guide / text book during therapy for how to deal with negativity in a relationship and how to build in new strength.


The information I will give you during the next two blogs will explain the best way to move forward in developing and sustaining a successful connection with your partner; however, the things I am suggesting will take time and persistence on the part of the person who wants to change their situation.


Please let me know if you or someone you know struggle from being impatient and not being consistent.  How do these issues impact on your life?


In my next blog I will talk about two specific things that can help folks move forward in both therapy and in their relationship, but they do take a consistent effort. 




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