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How to Win Friends and Influence People in the Digital Age” by Dale Carnegie and Associates. (Part I)

 Dale Carnegie’s ideas have been around for a long time and haven’t lost their effectiveness over the years.  The book that his associates have written also deals with some important areas of interaction such as: How to gain trust and how to deal with people who are resistant to change.

 Some of the suggestions are very simple and obvious, though the suggestions are not earth shattering; the trick here is to actually do them.  We all know that to smile at someone, when appropriate and to be patient and let people say what they need to is a good communication practice, but we don’t always remember to do so.

An example of something that can help us with our communication is: Whenever possible don’t tell someone that their wrong.  In my book, Relationship Rescue Manual, I take that a step further and encourage folks to not to say no without finding something to say yes to; for example:  If someone says you said something and you really didn’t say it, a way to respond could be:“Though I didn’t say that” (that’s the no part),

I can see why you might have thought that (that’s the yes part).   A yes will “soften” the “no” and help open up the lines of communication.

 In my next blog I’ll share with you some other helpful – interesting things that Dale Carnegie’s book covers.



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