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How We get Side Tracked (fall out of love) Love & Relationships / Marriage – Part II


Once we are in love with someone the forces that brought us together (i.e. physical attraction, social pressure, & a need to be connected) change.  After a while the sexual connection often times lessens; we have already satisfied the force of social pressure as we are in a relationship; we feel connected because we know our partner is around.

What makes relationships even more challenging is that the forces of life push couples away from each other direction.  There are the demands of: work, school, children, and money to name a few of the things we have to deal with.

Once we are now “comfortably” involved in our relationship, often happens that we spend our energy dealing with other issues. The problem becomes that we don’t realize that love is a verb, it is the things you do with your partner. It is the way we communicate with them, deal with arguments and anger, plan our future, to name a few variables that determine the course of our relationships.


I’d love to hear what your experience has been in your relationship.  Have you found that over the years your relationship may be O.K. but deep down you know it’s not like it use to be and you tell yourself: “This is normal for relationships, over time everything tends get less”.


In my last blog entry on this subject I’ll be talking about what we need to do make sure we have a deep love in our relationships.



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