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I’m Lonely in My Marriage (Part IV)


In this blog, two different level of strategies will be discussed; the first will be if things haven’t gone too far; and the second will relate to a more intense negative situation, where there are strong lonely feelings


If you are in the early stages of recognizing that you are lonely then you need to dedicate to having more points of connection with each other.  One or two phone calls or texts during the day, a little time together at night (20 minutes to a half hour) just to catch up with each other’s day and to see how the other person is doing.  Once a week, or at the least every other week,  or every third week you should have a date with each other.  A couple that talks to each other and has fun with each other grows closer and feel more connected by by having times of connection.  Remember if you don’t treat your relationship as a priority it will only deteriorate.


If you are in the later stages of the loneliness, then much more action is necessary. Couples need help in figuring out why the distance happened.  As mentioned in the previous two blogs in this series intense emotional distance comes from anger and disappointment.  Couples need to discover what caused the disappointment and the anger.  Often times it’s necessary for a third trained person to help track what happened and when it occurred .  Once you this is figured out in marriage counseling the disappointment and anger can be gotten past and the reconnection and loving relationship will follow.


In my experience, with effective relationship counseling, that actively pursues the areas of conflict that I have mentioned loneliness is usually resolved.


For more detailed information you might want to look at my manual “Relationship Rescue Manual

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