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I’m Lonely in My Marriage (Part III)

What I have discovered during my  marriage counseling practice is that there are two main reasons that couples allow forces to pull them apart and as a result they feel lonely in their relationship. The first reason is that one or both partners are disappointed with each other; the second reason is that one or both partners are angry with each other;


Disappointment is a very toxic in a relationship.  When someone decides to get together with their partner they had certain beliefs about that person and then over time they find out  that the other person is less supportive, or they don’t have initiative, or they are not as affectionate.  After months and years of disappointment partners get very angry at each other.


When people are very disappointed with their partner they get angry at them and may become more aggressive or what seems like to the other person as nagging or criticism; or they withdraw and find reasons not to be around their partner.


Constantly fighting  can take a serious toll on a relationship.


Gradually over time, one or both partners give up and the distance and loneliness happen.


The next blog will describe what couples have learned in couple’s therapy and what needs to be done to protect the relationship and prevent the loneliness.

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