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Incest and It’s Impact on Relationships (part II of a three part series)

Treatment for Incest


Often time long term treatment is necessary to help heal the trauma of incest.  People who have suffered from this trauma have built up a strong wall around themselves, because they believe that is the only way to feel safe and protected.

Many Incest suffers will  have other serious issues such as sever psychological,  addictive problems, weight or eating issues

What is important in the treatment of survivors of incest is that the therapist must be patient and gentile. He/She must allow the patient to vent, to talk about their feelings of shame, guilt, and isolation. Therapy should also include positive image building and dealing with problems of daily living as this trauma can effect every aspect of one’s life.


The therapy should involve both an emotional aspect that can deal with feelings and restructuring of how the survivor sees the world.

Treatment issues that should be included:

 Enhancing self image – It is not unusual that survivors do not think well of themselves or even blame themselves for “incidents” that occurred; included in this area are issues of body image.

Communication Skills: Often times survivors can not express themselves clearly especially when it comes to setting boundaries.

Learning how to set appropriate boundaries. It is common for survivors to have trouble in their current life limiting or overly distancing from people to protect themselves.

Relationship Skills: Many survivors have problems with their relationships they either withdraw, over react or both which can really harm a close relationship.


In my next and last blog about healing from incest, I will include specific treatment approaches that can be used to help the healing process and goals for treatment

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