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Incest and its Impact on Relationships (part III)

In this blog I will mention seven different types of therapy that can help incest survivors.  It is important that a therapist be aware of different perspectives and is able to utilize them as the counseling process unfolds, as one size therapy doesn’t fit all.  The approach should be determined by the personality of the survivor and not try to force the survivor into a particular mold


Treatment Approaches for Helping Incest Survivors

Successful treatment can involve cutting edge approaches such as Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT); Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Resource Tapping Technique, Hypnosis, and Self Hypnosis.


In addition to the above therapeutic approaches, counseling can help figure out the negative impact of the incest on the survivor’s current life.  In the beginning progress is slow, as trust, self confidence, and insight takes time to build.  As time goes on and comfort level increases, healing happens at a faster rate


Treatment Goals: 

What helps an incest survivor heal is:

1. To feel deep down that the survivor is a “normal” person.

2. Have a profound understanding about the impact of the incest on the survivors current life.

3. To be able to use the techniques learned therapy as needed to deal with both everyday problems and deep seeded issues as they surface because of situations that arise.


The message in my blog is that, there are skill that survivors can learn that can help them cope with their world, insights that can be gotten, and therapeutic techniques that can be used to help the healing process.   


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