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This week’s blogs will be about intuition.

How I got the idea to write about intuition

What gave me the idea to write a blog about intuition was Oprah’s magazine “O” August issue, which you can buy on the stands today. The theme of this month’s issue is “Let Your Intuition Be Your Guide”.  In this issue Oprah talks about how important intuition has been in her life, how well it has served her when she’s listened to it and how much of a mistake it has been when she hasn’t.


As a therapist and as a person, I find that intuition is a vital aspect to have and I’m thinking to you the reader, it will be an interesting topic to learn more about.



This article will answer important questions about intuition. The goal of this article is give you a better understanding about how intuition works so that you can have a blue print for using and enhancing your instincts.


The material will give you a working definition for intuition, so you will have something to use that can help you figure out what it is you are working with. I will talk about using intuition for situations where you are completely confused and using your instinct when you have a choice to make and you’re not sure which direction to go. The article will give you specific steps to get in touch with your intuition.  Sometimes we can think we have a hunch about what to do but it’s not our “inner voice”.  So I will tell you how to distinguish between real and false intuition.  Lastly, I’ll give you an idea about why sometimes we aren’t able to access our intuition.


The information below will help you to use to your “6th sense” intuition.


A Place to Start

We want to start by understanding exactly what intuition is.


What is Intuition?

O.K., here’s how I would define intuition.

There are several answers to this:

  1. It is a knowing that is beyond your logical self.
  2. It is awareness that is not directly based on your five senses of sight, smell, touch, taste, and hearing.
  3. It is your “sixth” sense which has been described as

“Just knowing something or some decision is the right one”.


I have developed a simple 9 step process to access your intuitive self:

The steps are:

Step 1 –  Self Affirmation

Step 2 –  Get yourself in a calm state

Step 3 – Flow

Step 4  – Gathering Information

Step 5 –  Incubate

Step 6 – Decide, Set a plan, and Enact The Plan

Step 7  – Imagine each choice

Step 8  – Incubate Let your ideas hatch

Step 9 – Decide, Set a plan, and Enact The Plan  

 In my next blog I will go into detail about “The Process” I have developed to help people get in touch with their intuitive self.   


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