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Intense Counseling for Couples.


If you’ve tried everything and you are convinced that your partner is totally unwilling to change, it is possible that there are issues that they are having that have to be dealt with first. These issues may come from your partner’s:

  1. Damaged childhood
  2. Intense anger, hurt or frustration about the relationship.
  3. Difficulty with being in a close relationship
  4.  Addiction issues with sex, alcohol, drugs, or gambling.


If these issues are causing the problem then, just learning about the right thing to do won’t work.  Therapy has to be focused to working through the effect that childhood, negative feelings, intimacy, or addiction has on preventing a strong loving relationship.


Here are four symptoms that might indicate that it’s more than just not knowing the right thing to do.


  1. Your partner is totally unapproachable.
  2. Your partner doesn’t want to spend time with you
  3. All of your attempts to solve the problem end up in an argument.
  4. You’ve gone to traditional couples / marriage

counseling and you didn’t make any progress.


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