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My first experience in observing how pain can effect a person was about twenty years ago, when someone very close to me had been in several automobile accidents and suffered with excruciating back problems. She was in constant pain, and went from specialist to specialist with no relief, unless she was on constant medication which made her feel out of sorts, not able to cope with her daily life, nor able to return to her work.

After watching this situation for a very long time, and not being able to do much about it, I decided to research and learn the different alternative modalities of pain management treatment which I hoped would be able to help people in similar situations. After a short period of time after starting to use these therapies, I began to see positive results and have since used them for the past twenty years.

As recently as last month, one of my neighbors approached me about my helping her with her neck pain that she had traveled as far as 100 miles away to see a specialist. We worked together for a period of time, and she said that she was beginning to feel like herself again, was able to return to work, and felt once again part of her family life.

People ask me, can your pain management treatment you cure me? I wish I had a magic wand but of course, I don’t. I explain to folks that it depends on how much they are willing to put into it (time wise and effort), and what could be holding them back from releasing the pain.

Since not everything works on everyone, I give a guarantee that if after the first session you do not see any improvement at all there will no charge for the session.

I would use any of the following four approaches to help pain sufferers to determine which would be suitable for their situation.

(1) Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT),
(2) Hypnosis,
(3) Self Hypnosis and relaxation techniques, and
(4) Short term stress counseling

To find out more about these four approaches please read:
“Four Approaches to Healing from Pain “

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