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Loss of Sexual Intimacy & Loneliness

One of the symptoms of being lonely in a marriage is a significant decrease in sexual intimacy.   The difficult thing about sex and relationships is that physical intimacy can disappear without warning, there’s no announcement, it becomes less and less frequent and then just stops happening.


A couple looses something  special if they are not intimate with each other.  Sex with committed partners is important so that there is a chance to experience that close connection.  Sex also provides a release of  tension.  In addition, when there is physical intimacy that experience gives a couple a sense of feeling well both emotionally and physically.

Now that we have taken a look at some of the dynamics of loneliness in the next blog there will be a discussion of two of the issues that are deeper and are the underlying feelings that cause us to be  alone in a marriage or a close relationship.

I ask the reader to be patient for solutions, first you have to identify a problem before you can effectively deal with it.   Once I have talked about the deeper underlying issues involved in loneliness, then I will address some ways to effectively deal with them.

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