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Marriage at First Sight-
A Marriage Counselor tells you:
How to have the perfect Marriage 

“A Social Experiment”  Part III (How you can be guaranteed to Find the Perfect Mate)

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I discovered that I have a lot to say on this issue so I’ve decided to divide this into two more blogs.

I have promised you in the previous two blogs that I would tell you how to find the perfect mate.  On writing this section

Here’s my answer:

Perfect mates are not found by psychological profiles or research, they are created.

The secret is that: we need to spend as much time, thought, and effort on working on our relationship as we do on first creating it.

Here is the basic outline for what we have to put our energy into (i.e. time, thought, and effort )

Marriage Counseling Tip #1

1. During my marriage counseling sessions I suggest to couples that on a regular basis we have to show and tell her partner how much we care about them.

Too often we believe that once we said I do and I love you never has to be repeated.

At least one if not both of the people in the relationship need constant reinforcement and reassurance that the other person still has those loving feelings.



Marriage Counseling Tip #2

2. No matter what, we have to find time to go talk with our partners, and do things with them.

As we live our lives we get incredibly busy. There is always a good reason that we don’t have enough time to be with a partner.  Nothing takes the place of ongoing communication with the person we are sharing our life with.  When we spend time with the person we are reminded of why we like them so much and we continue to maintain a special friendship with that person.

In my next blog, I will share the remaining two things that I tell couples in marriage counseling

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Love is what what we say and do even more than what we feel.


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