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Marriage at First Sight – “A Social Experiment” Part IV (How you can be guaranteed to Find the Perfect Mate).

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Tips from a Marriage Counselor in NJ

In this next blog and last in this series I will talk about two more important things that go into “making” the perfect partner.  

As a marriage counselor, I can help you learn about the importance of self care in your relationship.

During marriage counseling I remind folks that we need to take care of ourselves as well.

Martyrs seldom make good partners. If you are always about giving and sacrifice eventually you will feel resentful. If you find yourself saying to your partner “after all I’ve done for you and sacrificed” you know that you’re in trouble. There should always be a give-and-take in every strong relationship, however keeping score is disastrous. The idea here is we give because we want to not because we are trying to build emotional equity in which her partner “owes us”.

Relationships are Team Efforts – Marriage Counseling can Help Make a Better Team

We must believe with all of our heart and soul that our partner and ourselves are a team. I know that in my own case, I provide a lot of things in my relationship with my partner: I offer the primary income and a certain amount of emotional strength; however my partner makes sure that both of our lives are balanced, and she creates a beautiful home for me and provides a lot of the emotional energy and a joy for life that I would never have on my own.

Working with a Marriage Counselor, you can discover ways to help create the perfect relationship

To sum up, the perfect relationship has four parts to it:

– Letting our partner know that we care about and love them.
– Spending time and talking with a partner – no matter what.
– Taking care of ourselves. “enlightened selfishness”
– Appreciating that relationships are a team effort and each person contributes something special to the relationship.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

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Great relationships are made, not found.

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